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Our team of attorneys is committed to partnering with those affected by the devastating 2018 Woolsey fire. With offices located in the heart of the Woolsey fire burn area as well as the 2007 San Diego wild fires, we have witnessed first-hand the extent of the damage caused by the many wildfires that have affected California residents over the past 10+ years.


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We are investigating Southern California Edison (SCE) for engaging in potentially unsafe business practices that may violate not only its moral and corporate social responsibility to California citizens and its customers, but also its legal responsibilities. As an example, SCE may have been able to prevent the fatal 2018 Woolsey fire by completing required and promised maintenance of its power lines throughout Southern California.


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If you or a loved one were affected by the 2018 Woolsey fire, contact us today for more information!

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The lawyers in our three law firms, which have partnered together to assist fire victims, have extensive experience in insurance, wildfire, disaster related litigation and other catastrophic injury claims. While our combined experience is vast, we treat every case individually, which allows us to find value for our clients and recover damages they may have overlooked or did not know they could recover. Our team will work with you first, to understand your story, the issues of your case, and the impact of the Southern California wild fires on your life, and next, to develop a plan that makes the recovery process as seamless as possible for your family. 

As you navigate the fire recovery process, our team can provide information and assistance including, but not limited to:

  • Documenting your claim

  • Loss of Use and Living Expense coverage

  • Personal belonging inventory and item depreciation

  • Debris removal

  • Rebuilding and replacing assets

  • Underinsurance

  • Emotional distress for you and your family

    If you did not have insurance, we can still help pursue your fire loss claim directly against those responsible for the 2018 Woolsey wildfire.

     Please contact us today at the number and/or email listed below if you are interested in discussing your experiences or would like additional information. There is no cost or obligation to do so. 

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